Hotel Solutions and Value Proposition

MPbid has designed a valuable and impartial business to business service that will serve as a reliable source for new leads for Hotels.  The Meeting Exchange will allow meeting planners that are employed by an organization having the meeting to post a ‘’RFP’’ (Request for Proposal) customized to their specific meeting needs. All hotels that meet the Meeting Planners requirements will be allowed to generate a quote. There are no hidden costs or membership fee. Booked business through our service will be subject to standard 10% commission on actualized rooms.

Benefits of Registering

  • You can have access to unreachable and qualified leads.
  • Potential to generate new business through new and remote clients
  • The ability to be bid on meetings and offer hot dates within the exchange sites
  • A personal home page, listing all your outstanding offers and responses
  • Eliminate unnecessary voice-mail messages, faxes and paper work
  • One-time registration process
  • Maintain control of final negotiations and industry relationships
  • Take full advantage of the user-friendly, hassle free internet environment
  • FREE 24/7 access to our website
  • Focus your time on qualified contacts (LEADS) that have the ability to do business with you based upon your specs (based on standard 10% commission on actualized rooms)
  • A team of committed individuals looking to support your needs

To register as a Hotel Representative, please use these links.  For more detailed information on the process and requirements, please contact us at (888) 941-9396 or send an E-mail: HotelSupport@mpbid.com.

Special Note for National Sales Managers

MPbid has established a tool within the Enterprise Solution specifically for National Sales Managers that will enable them to manage bids between the organization and individual hotel properties.