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MPbid Introduces Enterprise Version

MPbid Prepares to Accelerate Strategic Meetings Management

August 2005 - The web site that makes booking accommodations and meeting space a snap, MPbid, continues to provide innovative strategic solutions for meeting and event planners with the introduction of its latest technological upgrade, MPbid Enterprise Solution.The web based tool enables organizations to implement a company-wide strategic meeting solution to track meeting planning activities, while capturing, monitoring, and consolidating total meeting expenses.

"This program is the first integrated web based tool to fully incorporate and automate contract management functions, It took two years to develop this proprietary base and we are pleased to now make it available to organizations of all sizes." said Jim Etkin, MPbid CEO.

The MPbid Enterprise Solution provides users of any skill level a technological advantage as it is easy to implement and adaptable to support all levels of corporate strategies, including PhRMA Code, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance (Section 404), internal policy enforcement, and Six Sigma initiatives.

In brief, MPbid enables enterprises:

  • Manage Meeting Policy
  • Standardize Budgeting
  • Consolidate and Track Vendor Data
  • Automate Meeting Sourcing
  • Manage Meeting Attendees through alternative application options
  • Implement Contract Administration processes

MPbid first made waves when the unique booking service went online in 2000 with its proprietary system that offering a free online tool to facilitate requests for meeting proposals and enabled hotels to post availability and rates online.

“We’re confident that our application will differentiate itself in the marketplace as a result of its cost effectiveness, regardless of the size of an enterprise,” said Etkin.“Our primary service delivery goals are cost effectiveness, better processing and measurement systems combined with more actionable business intelligence as opposed to numerous modules that collect largely silent data.”

For additional information on MPbid, please contact them by calling (888) 941-9396 or send an e-mail to: MPbid@mpbid.com.

About MPbid
MPbid is a meetings technology company that provides valuable solutions and services for small, medium, and large enterprises. For additional information, contact MPbid toll-free at (888) 941-9396 ext. 178, visit www.MPbid.com or send an e-mail to DonnaHouse@mpbid.com.