Meeting Planners Solutions and Value Proposition

MPbid is a valuable meeting planning solution, providing you with one central location to gather information on any destination throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.  By posting your meeting requirements online with us, your request goes out blind to all hotels that match your needs.  All hotels that are in the competitive set or better will be allowed to compete for your business and offer their best possible rates. No meeting is too small or large and there is no hidden cost or fee to become a member.   Use MPbid's FREE service once and you won't know how you lived without it.  MPbid earns a standard 10% commission from the hotel for actualized rooms closed through our system.

Benefits of becoming a Member

  • Efficiency:  The MPbid Meeting Exchange allows a meeting planner to spend 1-minute or less posting their meeting requirements for site selection.
  • Speed:  The planner is able to have the site selection research information available within as little as 48 hours.
  • Fulfillment and Optimal Selection:  MPbid contacts all hotels, including all brand hotels and independents, which are in the competitive set or better, providing the optimal outcome to the site selection process.  Let us do the leg work!
  • Comprehensive Results:  The planner receives 1 spreadsheet with comprehensive information on all the hotels that have availability for the requested dates and rate.
  • Negotiation Assistant: At every step our planners receive personalized assistance with contract and concession negotiation on such items as deposit terms, attrition and food and beverage requirements.

To register as a Meeting Planner please follow the hyper link above.  For more detailed information on the process and requirements, please contact us at (888) 941-9396 or send an E-mail: MPbid@mpbid.com