MPbid Consulting Services

With purchase of the Enterprise Solution our seasoned and industry knowledgeable Consulting Professionals are able to analyze your organization needs and tailor an actionable program at an additional cost. Our Consultants are able to streamline your meeting strategy, including meeting management policies, best practices, vendor negotiations, as well as other support services.


Enterprise Analytics 
Our seasoned consultants can analyze and reengineer every aspect of your enterprise, delivering solid recommendations and implementation plans based on the industry’s best practices.

Policy and Strategy Development 
Whether it is PhRMA Codes, Sarbanes-Oxley, Six Sigma or other strategic or cost-containment initiatives, our experts can help you develop policies and strategies from start to finish.

Outsourcing: Dedicated Staffing and Account Management 
Depending upon the size of your enterprise, MPbid can provide professional expertise in areas such as overall account management, purchasing, planning and financial administration.

Vendor Management 
Our expert industry relations professionals can help you to identify opportunities for national, global and chain supplier agreements to further reduce costs and risk exposure across your organization. Moreover, if your organization has an ongoing supplier diversity program, we can help you identify qualified minority and women owned business that deliver best products and services in the industry.

Do you want a complimentary one hour consultation?

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