How The Exchange Works

MPbid Meeting Exchange allows Meeting Planners to simplify and accelerate the site-selection process.

Here’s the clear-cut, 6 step site-selection process:

  1. Meeting Planner posts an RFP on their secure personal home page
  2. All Hotels that match the specifications outline in the RFP will receive an email with the meeting requirements
  3. Hotels will send a quote for the services indicated in the RFP by 3:00 p.m. of the expiration date (Our Hotel Desk guarantees a response from every hotel in the competitive set or better)
  4. Hotel Responses received will be collected and sent to the Meeting Planner in one easy to reference spreadsheet
  5. Meeting Planner either contacts hotels directly or works with MPbid in securing additional information from the appropriate Hotels
  6. Once booked, MPbid is compensated by a fee from the venue that receives your business, so there is no cost to you for these site-selection services

To register as a Meeting Planner or Hotel Representative, please use these links.  For more detailed information on the process and requirements, please contact us at (888) 941-9396 or send an e-mail to: AlinaDalmau@mpbid.com.